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Contact Edge CRM provides specialist marketing and sales solutions using MS CRM.

You can download valuable resources to help you make a decision on which system is best for you; get practical advice on how to implement it, and how to make sure that it has a high chance of being a successful implementation.

Specific areas we can help with are:


Microsoft Business Productivity Online (BPOS)
Microsoft Intune (Security and licencing)
Microsoft CRM Online and on-premise


CRM deployment planning
Business Process Analysis
Design, configuration and installation of the CRM System
Writing of integration software to connect to back-office systems
Analysis of CRM data using advanced statistical models.

It is particularly important to get business processes mapped accurately to the CRM system. Without this crucial step, users feel that another "foreign" piece of software is foisted upon them, and you will have a very hard time in getting the system adopted and used effectively. On the other hand, if the system feels "natural" and mimics the tasks that users perform every day, then it is easy for everyone. And you - the business owner - can focus on the customer information you glean from the CRM system, thereby building longer and more profitable relationships with your customers.

Do you long to be paper-free? Do you have complicated spreadsheets or home-grown databases that are difficult and expensive to maintain?
If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you may well have data silos in your business - the death-knell to building a complete picture of your customer.

Are repetitive tasks done by humans (and therefore are error-prone)? Does this affect your customer service?
Answer yes to this, and there are inefficient processes that hamper your ability to put the customer first.

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