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Webfortis, LLC

Social CRM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Parrot

by Webfortis, LLC

Parrot by Webfortis is a comprehensive social media management application designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Both Online and On Premise from the premier CRM Partners - Webfortis.

With Parrot you can quickly and easily search, manage and market to your contacts using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Without having to leave the Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment (both On Premise and Online), users have ability to rapidly perform complex customer service tasks such as case creation, create new contacts, execute sales promotions, and create new leads from conversations with information derived from social media. Once the social media interactions are captured in CRM, the powerful tools of CRM will then drive innovation. Workflow, reporting, analysis, lead conversion and direct communications can be launched across the social media spectrum seamlessly integrated into one application.

Key Features:

- A single integrated interface for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
- Saved conversation searches make for easy trend tracking
- Automatic URL length reducer
- Character length monitor specific to each social site
- Manage multiple brand or organizational conversations from one console simultaneously
- Automatically create cases, contacts, accounts, and leads in CRM from real-time conversations
- CRM graphical dashboards track social media effectiveness and utilization
- Track social media marketing ROI and sales conversions with powerful CRM tools and marketing campaign management
- Capture Social media profile information directly into CRM contacts, leads, cases, or accounts.
- Supported on both CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (online and onpremise).
- Easy to use

Parrot is available for any organization for FREE! (up to 2 users)* - Benefit from the power, flexibility and ease of Parrot by Webfortis today!

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