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WennSoft Evolution

by WennSoft

WennSoft Evolution provides organizations solutions for the installation, maintenance and repair processes for the equipment or assets they own, rent to customers, or service for others. Built on the Microsoft xRM framework, Evolution includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Evolution may also be added to an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment.

WennSoft Evolution delivers a complete field service solution from simple to segmented work orders or field tickets, to activities logging and tracking estimate to actual costs. Evolution can provide PO and parts commitments to work orders as well. Whether you manage assets, fleets or facilities. You can track history, provide maintenance agreements providing scheduling of task-based or auto-scheduled activities. The scheduling is smart based on specific rules that you determine. You can drag and drop service calls to ensure everything gets completed efficiently, and if your operations are large you can filter specifically to a region or branch location. Provide quotes, complete work and invoice all from Evolution. Track information from first bid and on – building an arsenal to ensure the team has what they need to drive a great experience and maintain customer loyalty.

Evolution can be fortified further by integration to other systems or your ERP, Evolution delivers a new way to work which is completely focused on your customers, and your business success.

Evolution is available on-premises or in the cloud. It can be licensed perpetually, or through a subscription.

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